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I’ve decided to knuckle down and do Julia’s 100 Day Goal.
From May 1, I will be doing something small every. single. day. to work towards a goal and with my fingers crossed, I will achieve it!

- Megan


I’m doing the 100 day goal challenge with the Business Bakery. Loving it! I have some goals for JAEBA and some personal goals as well, mainly around health. I’m on track and seeing progress

- Jessica

100 Day Goal Jan 2016

My goal is to work on my etsy shop and my website and hopefully reach a 100 listings, this means that I will have two shops stocked with goodies.

- LJ Crochet

Today’s the day

Have you ever wanted to change or try something but need The Day to arrive when you know you can? Well today’s the day for me!

- Leigh

Living. Real. Leadership.

What does living real leadership mean to you? Is there someone whose very real approach to leading inspired you into action? What is most memorable about them?

- Jen Dalitz

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- Auriel